Do you have mats or do I have to bring my own?

Yes, we have mats on disposal. If you wish to bring your own mat though, you’re welcome!

How many people can attend a class?

The maximum capacity of attendees allowed in a regular class is 21. However, this number may vary at meditation courses, donation classes, masterclasses and workshops.

Can I try one class for free? How do I book it?

The one trial class is free of charge. You can choose and book any available class from our online schedule, by simply clicking “Book Now” button, registering your account and picking “Classe di prova gratuita” at the check out. Make sure you’ve received a following confirmation email.

Do I have to book classes at Nalu Yoga?

It’s necessary to book each class online or via Mindbody App. We do not guarantee service if there’s no booking under your name.

I've never tried yoga before. Do you have beginner classes?

Absolutely yes! Lots of people tried yoga with us and fell in love with it. Most of our classes are multilevel and adaptable for beginners. Our teachers will make sure you’ll feel safe & comfortable enough. Make sure to read a class description before you book – that it doesn’t have “intermediate” or “advanced” level indicated 😉

I'm a super yoga fan and I'm looking for challenge. Do you have advanced classes?

Yes, our classes are mainly multilevel, but we also have some intermediate/advanced classes of higher intensity than the average. You’ll definitely sweat and progress! Please read a class description when booking to find out.

What is a 15€ membership fee? How do I pay it?

It is obbligatory to become a member of Nalu Yoga and pay annual membership fee of 15€ in order to be allowed to use or purchase any services (classes, workshops etc). You can pay it by card using Paypal button here or at the studio (cash only). You will be given the enrollment form (“Modulo d’iscrizione”) to fill in and sign by the administrator.

You do not need to pay this fee for a free trial class.

I can't pay online / my card is declined / can I pay differently for a class or a pass?

Unfortunately, it happens very rarely that Mindbody / Paysafe system (although it’s very safe and reliable) doesn’t accept certain card types. We know it’s frustrating but we’re working on it. In this case all you need to do is to contact us via, so we manually reserve a place for you at a class you wish to attend, and you can pay in our studio when you come (cash only).

Do I need to bring my medical certificate?

You need to have and bring a copy of your updated medical certificate in order to attend classes and stay safe.

I want to cancel my class. How do I do it?

You can cancel any class (excluding workshops and special events) online of via Mindbody App, free of charge not less than 3 hours prior to the start of this class. If you do not cancel or cancel later than 3 hours, your class won’t be refunded.

How do class passes work?

“Carnet” passes are offering major freedom at choosing and attending your classes. You can purchase a pass when booking your next class online. It remains in your account, so each time you want to book your future session you use it until it expires. The 5, 10 and 20 class passes are valid for 1 year starting from the day of purchase.

You can attend any classes available in our schedule with all our passes, except workshops and special events.

I'm going away, can I suspend my Unlimited Pass?

1-month Unlimited passes are stricly not suspendable. Nalu Yoga can suspense 6 or 12 month passes for exactly 1 month, not more and not less. Just let us know 2 weeks in advance and we’ll freeze it for you.