Located in the heart of Milan, right where history merges with the rhythm of creativity and innovation, Nalu Yoga is a true retreat from the city.

The space is designed both to meet expectations for the most comfortable and focused practice, and to invite every guest to share the atmosphere of serenity and continuous inspiration. The luxury of blissful silence, which is so rare to find in Milan, is granted by a cozy location in the back of typical “Vecchia Milano” courtyard. The yoga studio is dotated with 75mq spacious classroom, 2 separated locker rooms, a shower and welcoming room.

A visit into Nalu Yoga is an immersive experience. Drawing on influences from nature, love for art, music and off the grid travels, Nalu Yoga is a celebration of multiculturalism. We wanted to gift a space of joy, protection, growth and relaxation for everyone who steps in the studio, a home away from home. Discover Nalu’s exotic atmosphere, love for natural materials and sustainability. The studios equipment is provided by Manduka, a brand that shares our eco-conscious and equality views.

Nalu Yoga offers multi level courses of Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Yin yogic disciplines, delivered each time with a different approach. We are keeping an eye on trends in the yoga world and always researching, to make sure our schedule flourishes with new exciting add-ons. Our classes can be called “tailor-made”:  there’s a place both for fundamentals and creativity found in practice.