Marcello VillirilloHatha Power

    Since childhood attracted and inspired by ancient oriental wisdom, I’ve studied ancient texts and techniques of realisation; around twenty years old I start practicing martial arts.

    Combat sports on one side and meditation on the other side, take me to a deeper comprehension of the subtle and transcendental energy of the practice. The theme of the sacred geometry and the fenomenology of the space is the theme of my university and master degrees.

    Yoga as an holistic discipline in its multiple aspects works as a tool to grow a deeper presence by the expansion of the inner exploration and uncovering.

    The love for sharing this beautiful practice, coming to us from very far in the time and space, comes from the deep transformation it brings to our entire complex at all levels, physical mental and spiritual.
    I studied in India at Atmavikasa centre of Yogic Sciences, under the guidance of Acharya Venkatesh of Mysore, and in Milan at Kriya Yoga Ashram with Master Giovanni Formisano.