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The Practice

At Nalu, we believe that yoga is for everyone, and that one small step at a time can lead to incredible benefits and transformations. We believe in the constant evolution and joy of reconnection that yoga brings.

Step into Nalu Yoga to empower yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Dedicate time to yourself, and receive the great reward of a clear mind and vibrant body. We have gathered programs and experts to guide your journey towards a more mindful and inspired life.

The studio offers various classes and workshops in yoga, meditation, pilates and holistic disciplines. Our classes are for all levels – we offer support for beginners and challenges for long time practitioners.

Nalu Escape: Baleal, Portugal


Nalu Concept

Nalu, the Hawaiian word for «wave», embodies our concept. Waves do not transport matter – they transport energy, caused by vibrations.

«Surrender to grace. The ocean cares for each wave until it reaches the shore. You are given more help than you will ever know»


The Studio

Located in the heart of Milan, right where history merges with the rhythm of creativity and innovation, Nalu Yoga is a true retreat from the city.

The space is designed both to meet expectations for the most comfortable and focused practice, and to invite every guest to share the atmosphere of serenity and continuous inspiration.

Drawing on influences from nature, love for art, music and off the grid travels, Nalu celebrates the beauty of multiculturalism. We are grateful to hold this space for all people to feel welcomed, regardless of our shape and size, sexual preference, gender, age or religion.

Welcome to Nalu Yoga – a place to practice, listen, endeavor, learn, smile and be inspired. A community for dreamers and wanderers.


Philosophy Of Balance

We think that every individual has its own unique concept of balance which cannot be copied and applied as a rule. Finding your kind of balance, might not be an easy thing. Practicing yoga is a simple yet powerful tool which is of a great help when it comes to restoring inner balance.

Learn to control your breath – control your body – control your life.

Nalu Yoga – Philosophy Of Balance

Philosophy of Balance

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